Tax Preparation

It doesn’t take an Enrolled Agent to file a tax return, but of course our professional tax team can handle any tax return because we file more than a thousand of them each year. Many of our clients come to us because they are in tax trouble due to improperly handled tax returns. We help clients meet compliance with the IRS by filing multiple back tax returns. Our team can handle your tax preparation needs.

Tax Preparation

Filing multiple years of back tax returns is no walk in the park.

Our tax preparation service provides clear and concise information that breaks down and details year-by-year what you owe. After this step is taken we can begin to work on a resolution for the tax debt. Once we help our clients get back on track with their taxes they will often return to us year after year, to help avoid ever having tax trouble again.

Our professional tax preparation service can ensure that even the most complicated returns are filed appropriately to reduce the risk of an audit, avoid paying penalties and interest, or worse, having the IRS take collection action against you.

Avoid future tax trouble and call on the professional team at OMG Tax.

OMG Tax prepares many tax returns every year for our clients who are behind and therefore are not in compliance with the IRS. Being up to date on all tax returns is absolutely required before we can negotiate with the IRS at all.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you obtain specific information about the status of your accounts with the IRS.

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