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Negotiating with IRS If you turn to us for tax help we will keep dialog with the IRS professional and productive, with your interests in mind.

People that work for the IRS, are just that: People. Some IRS employees are smart, some are nice, some are inane, and some are downright mean. They also have a job to do. They are responsible for collecting tax, interpreting and enforcing federal tax code. If you need tax help chances are you wont find just what you are looking for on the other end of the line.

IRS agents want to do their job to the best of their ability. Most of the background information regarding your personal situation is irrelevant to them. To that end they don’t want to hear about your personal matters or your family’s situation or lifestyle. When you decide to get tax help the main benefit is that we do want to hear about your personal matters and your lifestyle. We know how to present relevant information to the IRS to negotiate your tax settlement.

IRS employees focus on two main areas:

  • Compliance

    Are you filing your tax returns? Are your income tax with-holdings correct? If you are self employed, are you making your estimated tax payments?

  • Payment

    How much can you really pay? How can the IRS collect it?

Every client’s case is unique.

The scope of service we provide is tailored on a case-by-case basis. Our clients come to us for tax help for a number of issues. However, in broad terms, the solution to most tax problems has three milestones:

  • Discovery

    We will have you fill out a limited Power of Attorney (“POA”) which authorizes us to get information from the IRS and negotiate on your behalf. Once we have the POA, we are going to have the IRS show us their cards; we will determine exactly what you owe, and why. 

  • Compliance

    You must file all of your past year’s tax returns if you are behind. We can help you do that. If you are employed, your withholding (W4) must be appropriate. If you are self-employed and/or receiving certain retirement income, or certain state or federal benefits, then you must be making your quarterly estimated tax payments.

  • Resolve the debt

    The exact solution to your tax debt will not be known until we have worked through most or all of the “discovery” and “compliance” milestones.

When you hire us for tax help, we will need to gather a lot of information to build your case.

We will be gathering information from the IRS, and we will be gathering it from you.

We will ask you to fill out forms. We will ask you to send us copies of various records like your paycheck stubs, bank statements, tax documents (W2’s, 1099’s) and previous years’ tax returns. We may also need copies of canceled checks.

Frequently, we will will need you to help us obtain more recent versions of the same documents you already provided, on an on-going basis as your case may require.

We will be using all that information to both “paint a picture” of your financial situation, and your income and expense patterns. We will also use this information to assist you in getting into tax-compliance; we will be preparing, and possibility amending old tax returns.

We stand for your rights.

Tax HelpWe will use your documents to prove to the IRS exactly what you make, what your expenses are, and what you can really pay, if anything. If paying your tax debt over time in an affordable payment plan is your tax solution, then our station is to make sure that monthly payment is reasonable. Limits will apply to your situation as to how much IRS can require you to pay each month, and we will make sure those limits are respected.

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