State and IRS Tax Problems

Taxpayers find that simple miscalculations can land them in a very complicated tax situation. We can help find a solution to your tax problems.

The IRS deals with an array of tax problems everyday. As a taxpayer, understanding your tax debt can be very difficult because taxes are something you are used to dealing with only once a year. The links below provide information on State and IRS tax problems that our clients face and overcome with the help of the OMG Tax team.

Wage GarnishmentThe IRS is garnishing your pay check

The IRS can garnish your wages if you fail to pay your tax liability. This can happen sooner than you think, especially if you haven’t spoken to the IRS and they have sent you a demand for payment and Intent to Levy notice. If you have received either of these notices its important that you TAKE ACTION NOW. Your employer can not prevent the IRS from taking a portion of your wages and such action requires additional work for the payroll department. 

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 IRS 1040Need to file back federal or state tax returns

The first step is solving any tax problem is to get in compliance with the IRS. If you have any outstanding, or non-filed tax returns, the IRS and state tax agencies will hardly speak to you and will certainly not negotiate until you have filed all of your tax returns. This can be daunting even if you are only a year or two behind. The sooner you take this important first step the sooner you can resolve your issues with the IRS.  Learn more about Tax Preparation and Choosing a Tax Preparer

 IRS RefundThe IRS is taking your tax refund

Expecting to receive a refund check that never came? If you owe the IRS any amount of money, you will not receive a federal tax refund until the balance has been paid in full. In addition the IRS can and will levy your State income tax refund to apply to your overdue balance. They will send you a notice that the amount that would have been refunded has been applied to your tax liability. If you were expecting to receive a refund check and found out that you owed the IRS instead, its a good time to start dealing with your tax issue before the IRS claims other money or assets which can be even more detrimental.

IRS Tax Notice CP504- intent to levy State Income Tax return

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Received a confusing notice from the IRS

The IRS will send plenty of notices when you owe them money but for most people they are very confusing. They are written in very technical terms that some IRS employees may not even fully comprehend. The IRS has over a hundred letters and notices listed on the IRS website. If you need help translating a confusing IRS notice contact one of our team members today.

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The IRS has sent you an audit notice

If you received a notice from the IRS that your tax return has been “Opened for Examination,” this means that you are being audited by the IRS. The best option is to seek professional help as the IRS audit process can be very overwhelming not to mention time consuming. Many taxpayers don’t even realize that they are being audited and recently ‘by mail’ audits have become common practice for the IRS, which makes it even more difficult to determine what documentation the IRS needs for your audit. The OMG Tax Team can help! Contact us today.

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Don’t have time to hold for the IRS

Budget cuts since 2009 have made it more difficult than ever to reach an IRS representative. Clients have told us that they have waited over an hour to speak to an IRS representative only to be told that their computer system was down and they would have to call back. OMG Tax clients don’t have to hold on the phone to speak to the IR, we do that for them. Additionally OMG Tax team members are always available during office hours to answer any questions our clients have regarding their case. The lines of communication between OMG Tax are always kept open.

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The IRS placed a lien on your house

A federal tax lien is a claim to your personal property and assets. If you own a house and owe the IRS money they WILL put a lien on your house. This will happen just ten days after they send the first Demand of Payment notice. Credit bureaus are informed when a federal lien is placed on your home and this information is made public to creditors, landlords, employers or any person with interest in your finances.

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The IRS seized your bank accounts

Legally the IRS can Levy your bank account, or any account that you have access to, including utility deposit account, payroll accounts or an account that you have Power of Attorney for. When the IRS take collection action they can and will levy your bank accounts, personal property, real estate and other assets. It’s important that you take action now and prevent these extreme collection measures from being taken.

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