Tax Problems

Taxpayers be warned! Miscalculations can land you in a very complicated tax situation.

We can help find a solution to your tax problems!

The IRS deals with an array of tax problems every day. As a taxpayer, understanding your tax debt can be a very difficult endeavor.

The IRS is garnishing your paycheck

The IRS can garnish your wages if you fail to pay your tax liability. This can happen more suddenly than you think, especially if you haven’t spoken to the IRS and they have sent you a Demand for Payment and Intent to Levy notice. If you have received either of these notices it’s important that you TAKE ACTION NOW!

Received a confusing notice from the IRS

The IRS will send you plenty of notices when you owe them money. These letters are often very confusing though. They are written in very technical terms (that some IRS employees may not even fully comprehend). The IRS has over a hundred letters and notices listed on their website. If you need help translating a confusing IRS notice, contact one of our team members today!

The IRS has sent you an audit notice

If you received a notice from the IRS that your tax return has been “Opened for Examination,” this means that you are being audited by the IRS. The best option is to seek professional help as the IRS audit process can be very overwhelming (not to mention time-consuming).

The IRS placed a lien on your house

A federal tax lien is a claim to your personal property and assets. If you own a house and owe the IRS money they WILL put a lien on your house. This will happen just ten days after they send the first Demand of Payment notice. Credit bureaus are informed when a federal lien is placed on your home and this information is made public to creditors, landlords, employers or anyone else who wants to look.

The professionals at OMG Tax have over 50 years of combined experience dealing with the IRS. Our team has helped people from all walks of life, facing even the most challenging tax problems.

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