Our OMG Tax Team

Decades of experience in handling returns and tax liabilities nationwide have prepared the OMG Tax team to successfully negotiate even the most complex cases.

OMG Tax team’s dedicated professionals are friendly, respectful and understanding. After years of experience resolving IRS and State tax debt problems, we know that when taxpayers reach out to us for help they want trustworthy and respectful professionals. The OMG Tax team believes that the more our clients understand about their specific tax liability the better. We promote understanding and future tax freedom. We explain each step that we take to help resolve our clients tax troubles. This way it will be easier for our clients to manage their future tax accounts and prevent an IRS tax debt relapse. This is why the OMG Tax team keep lines of communication with our clients open and honest.

We are here to help you understand your rights, obligations and expectations.


With the help of our tax team, you can find financial freedom from IRS and State tax debt. We promote understanding and future prevention of tax trouble. We are here to help you understand your tax liabilities and to stand up for your rights as a taxpayer.

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