About Us


OMG Tax is a different kind of Tax Company. Our team is highly experienced in all matters of tax. Our professionals focus their energy everyday on communicating, understanding and meeting the very specific and unique needs of our clients.

We promote understanding and compliance. Taxpayers have rights and responsibilities that can often be forgotten amidst the chaos of negotiating a settlement for taxes owed.  At OMG Tax we focus on the rights of taxpayers and promote understanding and acceptance of tax responsibilities. Everyone is responsible for paying their taxes. But if you make a mistake and end up owing more taxes than you can pay, you still have rights. You have the right to defend your income and settle your back taxes instead of facing harsh IRS collection action.

We do not make false promises about how much money we will save every indebted taxpayer. However, working as a team, OMG Tax has been able to successfully negotiate with the IRS and ease tax burdens for all the clients who chose to work with us.

We have helped thousands of taxpayers. We can get your taxes back on track too.

OMG Tax Team We have clients nationwide so we have experience dealing with State tax issues from all over the country.

Our office is located in Sacramento, California. When you hire OMG Tax you will find that you have joined a team that is committed to helping you.  Our clients play an important role in helping us help them. Our goal for OMG Tax clients is to provide debt relief now and the tools and understanding so they never have to deal with IRS tax debt again.

Learn MoreOur tax professionals help taxpayers like you everyday.  Meet the team that can mean a world of difference.

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